TellPrimark – Win £1,000 Daily – Primark Survey

TellPrimark – Primark is the name of a well-known Irish apparel retailer, that distributes ladieswear, menswear, childrenswear, and footwear to customers who wish to learn more about the company’s services and goods by visiting, an online site for conducting Primark surveys.


TellPrimark – Win £1,000 Daily – Primark Survey

Participants in the Primark Guest Feedback Survey who have purchased at the shop have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.

Your input has a significant impact on the organization since it informs them of the flaws and shortcomings of the services and goods they provide.

Primark, a UK-based retailer, is undoubtedly worried about the level of customer satisfaction provided to store visitors. As a result, the retailer has implemented a customer satisfaction survey.

Primark, a British retailer, is concerned about the degree of customer satisfaction delivered to visitors to its stores. As a result, a customer satisfaction survey has been implemented by the retailer.

How to take a Primark survey?

First and foremost, go to Primark Survey’s official survey page. Make sure you have a valid receipt before proceeding. Now, on the online survey portal, enter the 13-digit Primark survey code. After that, press the “Enter” key. In the next phase, thoroughly answer all of the questions and express your ideas.

To get notification of the sweepstakes prize, you must disclose some personal information after completing the Primark Guest Survey.

TellPrimark - Win £1,000 Daily - Primark Survey

As a result, include details like this is your first name, Your last name. Please provide your email address along with your contact number to call. The address of your residence. Finally, you can enter the Primark Sweepstakes 2020 for a chance to win £1,000 or £1,500.

Benefits and Rewards

Visitors who complete the Tell Primark Survey will be included in a prize draw for £1,000 and £500 cash prizes. If you’ve been to the store, you may enter to win prizes by providing customer feedback at

TellPrimark - Win £1,000 Daily - Primark Survey

Everyone has a chance to win the reward in one of two ways. Every day, one (1) reward of £1000, €1000 Euros, USD$1000, CAD$1000, or DKK 8000 will be awarded. Only for web (and mail-in) submissions. Weekly Prizes: Each week, three (3) prizes of £500, €500, USD$500, CAD$500, or DKK4000 are awarded.

Rules of TellPrimark

A proper visit receipt is expected of a customer or visitor from the store. The survey requires a device (mobile, laptop, or PC) with an internet connection, an email address or phone number, and a working knowledge of English, Spanish, or French. There will be no purchase or payment required to enter the prize draw.

The prize draw is open to legal residents of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, and the Republic of Korea who are over the age of majority in the United States, Canada, and Honduras and who are over the age of majority in the United States, Canada, and Honduras and who are over the age of majority in the United States, Canada, and Honduras. To enter the prize draw online, one must first complete an online survey.

About Primark

Primark is a store that is adored by not only fashionistas but also bargain hunters all over the world. This store specializes in clothing and textiles, offering customers the most up-to-date looks at the most affordable prices.

TellPrimark - Win £1,000 Daily - Primark Survey

Simply said, the Primark store is a place where you can find wonderful clothing and textiles, as well as homeware and beauty items, at unbelievably low rates.

The Primark store is a well-known multinational brand. It undoubtedly respects all types of clothing, civilizations, and values associated with clothing. Primark has everything you’re looking for, from western styles to vintage styles. Primark also has a wide selection of cosmetic goods and household needs at low prices.


As a result, the customer feedback survey that they are currently doing is, to a large part, valuable to The Primark Stores and outlets’ customers. Customers are the only ones who will benefit from such efforts, because it is their comments and suggestions that are taken into account, and it is their complaints that are addressed.

TellPrimark - Win £1,000 Daily - Primark Survey

TellPrimark FAQ’s

  • What is the age limit to participate in this survey?

Answer – The age limit to participate in this survey is 18.

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